Before Every Position I Applied to, I’d Ask Myself What Difference Will I Make?

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Written by Naomie Arroyo – People’s Care Area Manager

I wanted to talk about some inspiration leaders I have had the fortune of working with here at People’s Care; Catherine Bennage and Tony Kueter.

When I started working with People’s Care in April of 2013 as an instructor for Community Day Programs, I knew I wanted to be promoted within the company because I loved the foundation and mission, what the company stands for. I see everyone as a potential leader in their own right. I knew for sure I was going to strive to prove I could also be a leader and supporter of others.

So I worked through all the ranks, to currently having a title as an Area Manager. Before every position I applied to, I’d asked myself what difference will I make? I learned through the years it’s not a question, however it’s a way of life for me. The same mission follows me now as it did 20 plus years ago. Take positive action to create positive change enriching a culture of safety for all. Every small contribution will make a big difference and we all contribute to something bigger than ourselves. I learned through trial and error in my younger years that you have to connect/build rapport to lead/support others.

People’s Care with the support of many other amazing leaders such as Catherine and Tony, gave me many opportunities to grow, to be empowered, to empower others and to make positive change never straying from our mission. I learned though my wise amazing leaders that: Leaders don’t lead to gain power but to empower others. A true leader never stops learning or seeing the wisdom in others. Also never judge others by their success, judge them based off their failures, frustrations and even personal catastrophe, knowing they have the power to continue and still empower others.

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