Behavioral Health

Advancements in Behavioral Health Techniques

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There exists a common misconception with the terms ‘Behavioural Health’ and ‘Mental Health’, as many believe the two to be interchangeable with one another (1). While they are not completely dissimilar, Mental Health tends to focus more toward the biological components that affect a person’s mental well being, whereas Behavioral Health is more of an…

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Freddie Highmore

The Social Awareness of Autism – 2018

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Since the rise of streaming media, made popular by online platforms such as that of Hulu and Netflix, the quality of television seems to have climbed dramatically. Both in their artistic measurement and in the presentation of common social issues(1), the small screen has become a melting pot of rich and diverse characters working through…

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Autism Awareness Month

Autism Awareness Month 2018

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Another Autism Awareness Month has come to pass this April, and has given rise to many new avenues of dialogue toward the spectrum, especially those in respect to women and girls on the autistic spectrum. This past year has been an explosive one in the championing of diversity, equality, and the stamping out of sexual…

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Valentines Day Crafts

Autism Friendly Valentines Day Crafts

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Original article by the American Autism Association! Lots of fun crafts to be made!

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Christopher Duffley the amazing kid!

Christopher Duffley Inspiration

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Christopher is an amazing young man. He’s passionate, inspirational, driven, what we all hope we can be, this young man is doing it against very hard odds, he’s blind and has autism. Hope you are as inspired as we are after watching this amazing video. To see more of Christopher and his cool journey, follow…

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