Woodworking Program helps Adults with Developmental Disabilities

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An initiative that began with one person in a woodworking shed has grown into a vocational program for people with developmental disabilities. Skidz Reimagined was created by Tony Mitchell, president of Residential Community Care in Lebanon. People in the program learn woodworking and carpentry skills as a stepping point toward finding a job in the…

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Four Skills You Can Transfer to a Healthcare Career

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Changing careers to healthcare, but think your previous experience is irrelevant? Think again. These four common skills are all transferable. Megan Malugani, Monster contributor If you’re a newcomer to healthcare or are considering entering it, you may think your job history and experiences outside the field are irrelevant. You’re wrong. Many of your strengths and…

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For People With Developmental Disabilities, Food Work Means More Self Reliance

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Every child wants to grow up to be independent — to leave their parents’ home, find work, build a life of their own. But that seemingly simple step into adulthood can be a monumental challenge for children with developmental disabilities like autism spectrum disorder, cerebral palsy, or any of a range of other such disabilities…

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This Cafe is Run Entirely by Adults with Down Syndrome

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People’s Care is a firm believer and advocate for individuals with developmental disabilities being leaders in the workplace. This café is run entirely by adults with Down syndrome Originally posted by Narjas Zatat (Picture: FACEBOOK.COM/HUGSANDMUGS) Hugs + Mugs is a café in Illinois that is unique, because it’s run completely by adults with Down syndrome. The store…

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Thriving With Cerebral Palsy, Maysoon Zayid: “I got 99 Problems… Palsy is Just One”

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March is CP awareness month, and we absolutely love this inspirational (and hilarious) TED talk by Maysoon Zayid! Maysoon is an actress, stand-up comic, philanthropist, and advocate for the disabled, Maysoon Zayid hilariously describes her upbringing and how her palsy is “just one” of her many problems.

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