Tina J. Richardson – “I Didn’t Mean it that Way” Autism Quotes

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Tina J. Richardson might be the best way to ever understand autism as an outsider looking in only using words. Hope you enjoy a collection of some of her quotes we found. Thank you Tina for your amazing work in the world.

“There is a lot more to Autism, to simply call it a disability.”

“I love knowing other people like me. It makes me feel like I am okay just how I am”

“Autism is not something I “have” it’s not an add on. This is why I call myself autistic. Not person “with” autism.”

“It’s time to cure society, not autistic people.”

“No you don’t know me as I only show you part of me.”

“Autistic adults were once autistic kids. We grow up and need acceptance and understanding as well.”

“I’m not a neurotypical person with an autism add on. I am autistic.”

“Autism. STOP sugar coating it to make it easier to swallow. I don’t have a superpower, sparkles or rainbows. I’m me. I need to be accepted for being me. In the world I live in, I have a disability”

“Do not judge me because i am different to you, I do not judge you for being different to me.”

“I am fine as an autistic person, value me as I am. Don’t look at me as a broken neurotypical.”

“No one can know how another person ‘senses’ the world. We just have to respect the person as they are. Accept their unique way of being. Embrace them for who they are not what you think they should be.”

“Communicating is the biggest thing I struggle with. People either totally misunderstand what I am saying or just don’t get it. It’s tiring trying to explain what you want to say over and over. Even when I rephrase it, I still find it’s not how it is in my head.”

“I’m okay with who I am. You might not understand me. That’s okay as I don’t understand you. We can still be friends, we just have to accept our differences.”

“Sometimes I don’t have enough energy to be social. I need time alone to recover from the last time I went out.”

“Music can enter my soul like none other. It can reach me and awaken my being”

“We all love in our own way. There is no one “correct” way.”

“I wish people would see us as people first, I really dislike it when people just see ‘Autism’ with me and that’s all I hear all the time. I’m autistic, yes. But think of me as a person always, a human like you.”

“I’m not a hero for living autistic. I’m a person just like you. Just living my life.”

“I like to know what’s happening to prepare myself. I make up scenarios in my mind about what may happen. This helps me cope.”

“Can you accept me, can you love me? Without conditions ? Can you nurture me, can you respect me? Without conditions ? Will you embrace me as my own unique autistic self?”

“Not everyone will understand me. That’s okay. I barely understand myself.”

“I might not say much but I’m a watcher
and a thinker.”

“I wonder if the World would feel differently about me if they could see how life feels viewing it like I do, through my eyes.”

“I can have silent meltdowns called shutdowns. Sensory input becomes too much. I am physically and emotionally exhausted. I curl up into a ball in a safe place to recover.”

“As an autistic, I have thoughts and ideas of my own. Not all people on the spectrum think the same.”

“When I was very young I thought I was just like everyone else. I think it took me longer than most to realize I was different and even longer to realize that being different was what made me great”

“Autism: I may not speak with my mouth. There are many ways to communicate. They are all valid.”

Thank you, Tina for all your wisdom.

Quotes found via Good Reads